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Sharai Rewels

Sharai Rewels

Height:  5'8"    Weight:  130lbs
Hair:  Brown    Eyes:  Hazel

Film & TV

VICTORIA FILM FESTIVAL   Interviews - Lead Host   Dir. Lance Gilson
REAL FICTION   Escort - Supporting   Dir. Kirk Caouette
MODERN GIRLS GUIDE TO WISHING (sizzle)   Grace - Lead   Dir. James Parris
GOOD NIGHT KISS (short)   Dinner Guest - Supporting   Dir. Laura Adkin
WHISTLER FILM FEST Meet the Artists Lounge 2015   Interviews - Lead Host   Dir. Kelly Marcusson
BLOOD PAYS BLOOD   Ellie May - Supporting Lead   Dir. Lee Karlovic
MOUTHWORM (short)   Lyla - Supporting Lead   Dir. Sharai Rewels
7 DEMONS (web series)   Lust Baby - Supporting Dir. Dallas Harvey
ZOMBOOZE (short)   Allie - Lead   Dir. Johnny Fleet
TURN THEM BLACK (short)   God - Lead   Dir. Murray Siple
I WANNA DATE YOU (short)   Sexy Jogger- Supporting   Dir. Lisa Ovies
THE TWISTED SLIPPER (short)   Avarice - Supporting   Dir. Angie Nolan
FELIZ CUMPLEANOZ (short)   Party Girl - Supporting   Dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero
WHISTLER LIVE WIFF HIGHLIGHTS   RedCarpet Interviews - Host   Dir. Kelly Marcusson
BEST ACTRESS (short)   Best Actress - Lead   Dir. Angie Nolan, Swiftwater Productions
HERE KIDDIE KIDDIE (short)   Crazy Wife - Supporting Dir. Conrad Shapansky
HIPPIE-CRITS (short)   Penny - Supporting Lead Dir. Angie Nolan
DANDELION TEA (short)   Kali - Lead   Dir. Stuart Mackay-Smith
BLACK COCAINE (short)   Dream Girl - Supporting   Dir. Murray Siple
PENISIO (short)   Adulturer - Supporting   Dir. Chili Thom
PRICE OF SILENCE (short)   Arachne - Supporting   Dir. Elijah Juan
KATCH UP (short)   Genie- Supporting Lead   Dir. Conrad Shapansky
BLOOD QUEST (short)   Amazonion - Supporting   Dir. Chili Thom
6½ PIECES (short)   Demon - Lead   Dir. Conrad Shapansky
MASTER OF FLUPPETS (short)   Storyteller - Lead   Dir. Conrad Shapansky
TOOTH FAIRY (short) Tooth Fairy - Lead Dir. Miles Wilkinson, Wilkinson Films
CHERRY WOOD FALLS (short) Vampire Becky - Lead Dir. Miles Wilkinson, Wilkinson Films
DARKNESS FALLING   Felicity - Supporting   Dir. David Stager, Four Wings Films
EXPIRED (short)   Shopper - Supporting   Dir: Bryon Nykon
DEVILS COUNTY(short) Witch Queen - Supporting Dir. Miles Wilkinson, Wilkinson Films SIX MILES Jax- Supporting Lead Dir. David Stager


Heavy Hitting Horror Fest, Best Actress, 2014
B-Grade Horror Festival, Best Actress, 2008
B-Grade Horror Festival, Best Actress, 2007

Music Videos

NO PIE FOR YOU, Crystal Precious, Feb 2013
LAST REQUEST, Propa Tingz, Aug 2011


List available upon request.


Intro to Voice Work, Marcy Goldberg
Prelay Animation Voice Workshop, Randi Reidiger
Actor Core Group One Year Intensive Training, Neil Schell
Private Scene Study & Coaching, Neil Schell
Nailing the Audition & Expanding Your Career Workshop, Neil Schell

Sharai Rewels

Sharai Rewels

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Sharai Rewels

Sharai showed talent as early as 2007, being nominated and then going on to achieve numerous awards. Her multi-dimensional skills shone through when cast in three different short films for Whistler's B-Grade Horror Festival, where she was awarded Best Actress. Then proving it was no fluke, in 2008 she once again snagged the award. This all built up to her most successful year in 2013 where she was honored with Best In Show at the Whistler 72 Hour Film Maker Showdown, 2013, then going on to achieve Best Actress and People's Choice Award at the Heavy Hitting Horror Festival, 2013.

Over the past decade she played supporting and lead roles in many shorts and indie projects before getting into acting professionally. She then went on to write, produce and star in her own, a grind-house style short aptly named Best Actress, with help from director Angie Nolan, of Swift Rock Productions. With an affinity for 50's era pin up style, she is completely at home playing characters such as her role in Katch-up, directed by Conrad Shapansky, playing the genie from a ketchup bottle. Her favorite role is being cast as "the bombshell" in a romantic thriller with an edgy love interest, but she shows how adaptable she is with a wide variety of roles and performances thus far. She has also been cast as principal in numerous commercials and print ads, including some for Labbat Blue Beer, SoCo5.com, and Tourism Whistler.

In person she's quiet and sophisticated but in character versatile and professional. Sharai enjoys marching to the beat of her own drum because being unique makes her happiest. Bursting with charisma, she's a people magnet and her creativity is contagious. Her playful nature and fearless approach to acting is refreshing on set. Off camera, one of her greatest assets is her intuition and understanding of kindred spirits which gives her a deep connection to nature and the world around her.

As well as being a grounded soul, she is also in tune with gratitude which cultivates a willingness to give back. In this arena she thrives as event coordinator and promoter, supporting a variety of charities such as the Howe Sound Woman's Centre, Mental Health Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and Whistler Animal's Galore. The Pink Taco Party, 2013 in aid of Howe Sound Women's Center,0 saw the 10th installment of this charity ball hosted by Sharai Rewels. A sell-out event with over 300 women all dressed in pink and a complimentary taco buffet, the concept is all about a celebration of women and giving support to those who need it most. She was also featured in Whistler Exposed Bikini Calendar, 2013 and 2014. A portion of the proceeds of Whistler Exposed are given to support Spinal Chord Research.

Her other interests are in fashion; modeling and clothing design. Her hobby brand, Chozn Clothing, designed and sewn in Whistler, BC, promotes "ethical clothing for an inspired culture" by integrating reworked vintage and reclaimed fabric. A boutique clothing line launched in 2006, with focus on consumer awareness to create dialogue about the social and environmental impact of the clothing industry.

What is in store for her future? "I want to be a talent in demand and collaborate with a plethora of amazing individuals within film and television's industry", she says. Continually working at Whistler FM radio doing advertisements and pre-recorded song titles, with plans to get into voice-overs for animated film. Perhaps one day you'll recognize her voice playing in a children's cartoon like My Little Pony. However, her focus remains on film and television, with goals to gain speaking roles in feature film or popular series. Maintaining a focused and driven attitude by working in commercials, music videos, and creative shorts she jumps at any chance to be in front of the camera- her favorite place in the world. There has been some talk about hosting webisodes for a kitschy pin-up cooking show? We'll see, either way it will be an adventure. Sharai Rewels is an undeniable talent with classic beauty and the natural ability to rise to any occasion.

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